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How do we rate the reliability of the site
Trust points for the site are summed up based on ratings obtained from the most
popular independent sources.
1 - 4 points
Potential danger
5 - 7 points
Be careful
8 - 10 points
Safe website
What means the risk level of the site?
The level of risk shows how dangerous or, conversely, how safe the site is.
But there are some specifics you need to know.
The website that is technically safe to visit can still get a high risk level.
This happens if there is a sufficiently large number of ratings about an unsatisfactory level of trust in this site. The reason is that the rating can be influenced, among other things, by the reliability of the service provider outside the Internet (for example, is it customer-oriented and sufficiently qualified technical support at the site, was the product delivered, was it on time, did it match the order, etc.).
Also, a completely safe site can get a high risk level, because for one reason or another it is
not liked by Internet users.
There is also
the influence of the rating of subdomains
on the overall rating of the parent domain and the inheritance of this rating by other subdomains. For example, if many dangerous sites are created on free hosting, then their low ratings are reflected in the rating of the hosting itself, and then this rating applies to all other user sites that do not have enough own ratings to obtain an independent rating.
Why do you need to install Web Risk Info?
Install our extension in your browser and stop being afraid of unfamiliar sites -
we will tell you the whole truth about them and save you from danger.
You will be informed about the danger of the site in time
Web Risk Info is useful and absolutely FREE
We gather data from the most popular services in one place
Services we use to rate reliability of sites
Web Risk info collects information from the following the most popular and trusted services
and gives an overall assessment.
The popularity and success of the website.
Checking if the website has SSL Certificate.
Norton Safe
Analyzing sites to see how they will affect you and your computer.
Analyze suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware.
Checking if the website is legit with real reviews or a phishing website.
Checks the popularity of the site and its level of trust among users.
Web of
Checking the site for malware and viruses.
Website Reputation Checker.