Terms of Use

Web Risk Info ("WRI") helps our users make informed decisions while browsing the web, by way of green, yellow or red "traffic light" showing the reputation of each website they visit. The Web Risk Info Services ("Services"), offered through our browser add-on extensions ("Software"), involve the collection and analysis of data necessary for the supply of the Services.

Please read this Terms of Use carefully before installing or using WRI Software and Services. By installing WRI Software and using Services, you agree to be bound by all the Terms of Use of this agreement and all policies and guidelines included as reference.

The Software and Services does not use and not store any personal data to inform you about the dangers of the Internet. All the detection is built on a hazard level identification based on the domain name.

For more details about how we collect, store, share, and use information collected, please visit our privacy policy


IMPORTANT: Please read the following information very carefully before use the Software and Services:

  • The Software can not check the safety of the query made using the IP address of a site,

  • The Software can not check the safety of the query made using the local domain name,
    e.g.: http://mydomain.localhost/index.html

  • The Software can not check the content of the transmitted data,
    e.g. a virus-infected file

  • The Software will not be able to perform correctly if you or your ISP's access to the servers used the Services is blocked.

  • The Software only informs you about the dangerous sites, it does not replace an ordinary anti-virus, but enhances its functionality

  • The Software (as well as any anti-virus) does not guarantee 100% the correctness of the result and its use does not prevent observing basic security rules in the Internet

The Software and Services does not guarantee the accuracy of the dangerous websites list while using the Service (in particular, it does not guarantee that websites that are not marked as dangerous do not really contain any malicious code, or do not distribute or redirect to any malicious software, or have not signs of fraudulent sites, or that they are prevented from displaying erotic/pornographic content, and vice versa).

The Software and Services can't be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the user or any third party from the use or inability to use the Service, including but not limited to the damages caused by the inaccuracy of the dangerous websites list while using the Service.